HA°ND / HA°ND B-side

My first EP ‘Hånd’ was released 9th of April 2015.

It came out as a cassette tape limited edition (sold out), in shining red color and intimate designed artwork.

The EP consists of five songs plus a bonus track on side A, and on side B a 12 track long ‘sound diary’ consisting of field recordings, small quirky vocal seances and noisy compositions. The EP was also released together with a visual EP-long film, that created a performative universe around the danish lyrics and acoustic-electronically self-produced songs.

Musicians: Benjamin Gower-Poole & Pernille Ravn-Højgaard

Sound engineer: Jens Ramon Murga Meinert, Mastering: Ricko Vesterlund

Graphics: Johan Grann ❤

Performers in film: Stine Frandsen, Katrine Elise Leth & Tone Lyngsøe

Watch the full HA°ND movie:

the whole album on Spotify :