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BESS is a composer, singer, performer, thinker/writer, film-maker and producer.
BESS creates and produces music in a field challenging to categorize between experimental composition, pop, improvisation and (sound) art.
She also creates performances and film, as part of her artistic work.

Her identity always being somehow confused and clouded with her actual art material, she challenges conventional ideas of the artist as a persona and how this character works and is represented in society.

In addition, she has collaborated with filmmakers, making soundscapes for images/ film, with professional dancers on the development of performances, as both performer and composer, has been part of theatre productions, contributed to publications, created and been a part of exhibitions and played in several band constellations, as musician, composer and improvisor.


CV (danish)


2018-2021 – Master’s Degree of Fine Arts (Master of Art) The Royal College of Art, London – Contemporary Art Practice – specialisation in performance and moving image

2013-2017 – Bachelor’s Degree of Music (Bachelor of Music) Copenhagen Rythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen – specialisation as singer, composer and producer  (2015-2016 – exchange at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

2012-2013 – Jazz Course at the renowned Boarding School for Jazz Musicians in Sweden, ‘Skurup’s Folkhögskola’ – specialisation as a singer

2011-2012MGK – musical foundational course, Helsingør, Denmark – specialisation as a singer

Latest work include :

Screening of video-performance piece ‘Virginia Supreme (relation)’ at the ‘Meta Alarm 2’ film screening event in Bermondsey Project Space, London, curated by artist/ film-maker Laura Moreton-Griffith, 06/11-2022

Composer of the sound-design for the performance ‘Plateauic’ performed and created by Daniel Mølholt Bülow and Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen at ‘Villa Kultur’ in Copenhagen, February 2022

Composer in the film ‘f Silence Song’ by Annett Stenzel, 2022

Online show and exhibition at Cromwell Place, Degree Show of the graduating class of Contemporary Art Practice, Moving Image, the Royal College of Art, June 2021

Panel discussion co-facilitator at ‘Urgency of the Arts Assembly’ – at The Royal College of Art, introduction of artist Tamu Nkiwane, including artists Legacy Russel and Shahzia Sikander and Abbas Zahedi

Performance-installation during the exhibition ‘Temporary Homes’ – performances and installations dealing with questions around precarity of housing in urban areas and refugee-crisis and a spiritual approach to the notion of the feeling of home, curated by Tania Kristin-Ballentine, Støberiet in Copenhagen, 10/15-2021

Performance at ‘Market Place’ – a multi-dimensional art and performance-installation and market place, curated by Dalin Waldo at Støberiet, Copenhagen, 10/08-2021

Performer and participant in the film-piece and band biography ‘Ladyjerks’, created by Annett Stenzel, represented at ‘Forårsudstillingen 2021 (Spring Exhibition 2021)’ at Charlottenborg, Denmark

Release of the mixtape ‘Let’s Sing This Love Song’ at The Lake Radio, Denmark, 2021

Represented with video-work ‘The Soul’ at online streamed film-festival ‘She chews Art’ 2020 by artist Jing Su, August 2020

Artist Talk at Folgendes, Hamburg – reflections on art practice in a neoliberally constructed society and art environment, invitation by artist and filmmaker Annett Stenzel, 30/06-2020

Has played concerts in Scandinavia and London in a wide range of venues, from the smallest underground scenes to concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Following is picked out examples: The Greenwich Pensioner, Royal College of Art, Bow Arts Café, at the boat Bapor Taboo at Art Licks Weekend London, Lost Senses / Sunbury House, Café Oto London, Bremen Teater, Huset in Aalborg, Literaturhaus in Copenhagen, Operaen in Christiania, Copenhagen, ‘Salon Pissoir’/ Børneteatret in Copenhagen, Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö, Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2013, 2014, Idealbar/ Vega in Denmark, 5e at the Meat District in Copenhagen, self-arranged concerts in the industrial rehearsal-space area at Refshaleøen, Dome of Visions near Den Sorte Diamant in Copenhagen, Mayhem, Mellemrummet, The Wedding House in Copenhagen, Øen and more..

Was in a collaboration with artist Christopher Tym on his graduate project ‘Kiss Me Click’ on the Royal College of Art 2017, making the sound for the project as well as performing.

Has collaborated with the students of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts on the film ‘Dissection of a Body’, making and performing the soundscape of the film. The film hasn’t been released yet.

In January she performed ‘The Facebook Rave’ in the group exhibiton ‘MEMEMEME’ at the Crypt Gallery in London.

Solo exhibition at the exhibition space, Øen in Copenhagen, fall 2016, exhibiting sculptures, prints and text connected to the musical release ‘Mooncore’.

In September 2016 released ‘Mooncore’ as a digital work, as well as 50 prints, as individual artworks with download codes on, for the full album.

In March 2016, she was co-creator and performer in the show ‘Spring Collection’ – built in Dansehallerne, Carlsberg – a collaboration between the Academy of Art in Copenhagen and School of Contemporary Dance.

In February 2016, BESS released her first full album ‘Bez & Rummet’ (‘Bez & Space’) on the LP a double EP bestående of the two sides respectively: ‘Bez’ and ‘Rummet’.

She published in 2015 the cinematic and auditory work ‘HA ° ND’– which consisted of 5 songs accompanied by a stick together end film + a bonus track. In addition, a secret B-side with 12 musical footnotes.
The publication came out at 40 entirely exclusive and uniquely created red cassette tapes.

Composer and performer in a musical and performative piece, co-created by students from Rythmic Music Conservatory and The Danish Theatre School –  ‘Ingen Tilslutning’. Directed by Johan Sarauw.

She collaborated with Roja Pakari about movie ‘Hair’ in 2013 and Roja Pakari’s graduation film at the Film School in 2015 ‘ZAYESH’.

Has previously collaborated with the dance company ‘Panic Organic’, where she composed the music and the performer in the play ‘Pregnant with Possibilities’, which was performed in Dansehallerne, autumn 2011.

Has recieved solo lessons and mentoring from following artists:

Tanja Schlander – sound artist and clairvoyant (2022)

Barkusina Hanusova – performance artist, London (2017)

Mariam Wallentin – composer/ singer, Stockholm (2016)

Heidi Mortenson – composer / electronic musician/ singer, Aarhus (2015)

Nana Jacobi – singer/ composer/ entrepreneur, Copenhagen (2014)

Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen aka Jomi Massage – singer/ composer/ performance artist, Copenhagen (2013)

Clara Bryld – singer/ composer/ pianist, Copenhagen (2012)