Virginia Supreme


The different layers of surface, from extra extra layers all the way down to my skin. Graciousness. Virginia Supreme – The Untouched. Both man and woman. There is an open play in the room, over time. I am playing with the light. Positions. Presenting myself. Am I just playing right there – at the spot – or what am I up to? The mask is directed by the angle and the light / the eyes all the time. In this case the light the represents a spectre of habitats – its not only the studio. It’s a bed room scenario. It’s me, taking care of myself, but I have an audience. I am ambivalent with that audience. I want them to look, I don’t want them to look. I want to invite them not to look. About objectification. Can I position myself, how I want to be seen – even when I’m naked?

It’s a look into a very intimate situation. I am interested in my image. My looks. I want to be able to control that look. I want to be real. So I’m letting people get close. But does that make people come actually close? What is it with this intimacy sphere. Makes you want to play with shyness – to make people untouch. What happens if you’re further away? They see you as a silhouette? Does that make them see more of an essence of you, is it like a caricature, or is it more like seeing your soul, something holistic, or a summary? Or does the distance actually make you look more at you as an entity that moves – something that relates by moving.

“Something That Relates By Moving”

  • Virginia Supreme

The femininity in clearly masking, making your transitions very clear, making you… at once, making you formulate the forbidden sentence. The “free” flow of masks. I’m standing here in a room with you. I’m letting you see that I am slowly taking off some physical layers, only to get to a more intimate place, which requires mental masking. Or does it? Is it a tension I create? What do I do when I stand before you, naked? How do I feel? I feel that I have to shield. But at the same time the shielding is maybe better made by standing straight – standing like a full, maybe relaxing figure – an animal? Which doesn’t take into consideration that you have your eyes… So what do I do? I imagine I’m someone else. I feel like I have to shield, I go shield, I go lie on the back or on the front. I play with you by letting my eyes take control. I control my gaze. All these questions. I pose a question? I run away in my mind. But I want my skin to have a place in the world! This is my cause to death – to aliveness – to objectification. To subjectification. But it matters how I do it. So how do I do it. I’ll just sit around, like a lazy old cat. How can I take control over time…? I see my body from outside – I make it pose – see myself standing in a position. Making you look at the figure – me as a figure – cause that’s what I am – cause that’s how I can be – cause – that’s how I hide. My body is safe. I’m keeping me safe through the gracious positions I propose through life… So what – when I have my clothes on – what do I do? Wake up! I’m standing up – I’m making a straight line – I’m feeling myself inside the clothes – I’m feeling safe inside my clothes. I’m playing inside my clothes. I’m making a ball roll through the air – over at your place. I can’t see it rolling through the air anymore. But I think it’s fun. I send you a snap lightning through the room with the way I quickly position my chin. My eyes too – they are rolling

I don’t have to hide anymore..! I can get out! With my gracious me – with my feather boa. I don’t know if my name is Virginia Supreme… I don’t even know if I care about my name. Why don’t I know it? Why don’t I care..? Am I fleeing from some knowledge? Am I fleeing from some care? Am I missing out on some truth…? Oh my God, am I even going anywhere with this – I’m losing out – maybe? Getting lost in language. Anyway seems like I’m going around in circles – but that is, I guess, also a part of the Whole idea – you’re gliding and glancing the surfaces. In order to get closer. But do we even want to get closer? / Close