Virginia Supreme

Virginia Supreme cosily visited Bermondsey at a film screening, and gave a kiss and a wave, through this video-performance piece (here, an excerpt) ‘Virginia Supreme (relation)’ at Bermondsey Project Space in London, the 11th of June,,

Starred amongst other artists : Louise Ørsted Jensen, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Adri Sao Bento, Patrick O’Neill, Anita Marante, Xiaoyu1002, Kevin Siwoff & Melle Nieling,,

at the Screening night ‘Meta Alarm 02’

The night was featured and arranged by Royal College of Art graduates from the year of 2021/22 and consisted of a row of video-art pieces all relating in each their artistic language to the current political and cultural climate of the UK and beyond.


Two durational performances under the title ‘The Room Was Like My Face’ with Virgina Supreme

Masking demasking, loving, going close, getting confused, seducing you, letting go and firing all

Performed in respectively ‘My Parent’s House’ in London, during a Robyn Beeche’s exhibition, curated by Vittoria Bonifati, in June 2017, and in the installation by Josh Leon, during his degree show exhibition at The Royal College of Art, in July 2017.